• Mariposa - sampler2:04
  • Sombra - sampler1:49
  • Caminando - sampler1:59
  • Starburst - sampler2:07
  • Paradise - sampler1:47

Songs with fire - 5 songs

John Acevedo is a showcase  performer at clubs, festivals, restaurants and elsewhere around in Houston.   John has been composing music and playing guitar for over 25 years.  With roots firmly in the traditional flamenco sound.  He has melded

to it a soulful contemporary feel. Incorporating

R&B and  Blues to create a music that is hypnotic,

fiery and passionate. ... What he calls " Flamenco

Jazz " or  " Nouveau Flamenco."


 New World

      Flamenco Jazz...

Nothing is more special than music performed live.


Guitar Music is one of the most popular forms of live music for special events.  A Guitar has a special sound all to its own that creates a feeling

like no other instrument.   John is a talented Flamenco Jazz  Guitarist

that can add an air of class and elegance.  He is available to perform at

      any of the following events.

                         *  Wedding Receptions              *  Private Events

                            *  Dinner Events                          *  Birthday Parties

                            *  Social Mixers                           *   Retirement Celebrations

                            *  Corporate Events                     *  Grand Openings

                            *  Wedding Showers                   *   And Other Special Events


Guitar Passion!

  • Soulero - sampler1:34
  • Passion - sampler1:57
  • Bella - sampler1:43
  • Dreamin' - sampler2:02
  • Reflections - sampler2:18

For Booking or Rates

Call:  281-948-6523

Or email at




Songs to chill by - 5 songs

Music Samples

John Acevedo

  • Cordoba - sampler1:24
  • Sombra - sampler1:49
  • Alma Latina - sampler1:34
  • Ritmo Loco - sampler1:59
  • Fuel the Fire - sampler1:52




Songs to groove by - 6 songs